The Role Of Leadership - Leadership factors

-         Leadership is not a role to play but a life to live.
-         You have come to LEARN not just to LEAD.
-         For every spiritual assignment you are given, it is to affect your life first before affecting the people to whom you are sent.
-         Matthew 10, Jesus said, ‘the harvest is large but the labourers are few. Pray for the Lord of harvest to send men’. Meaning that some of the disciples were not really perfect for the job (for example Mathew {tax collector}, Peter {with the loose mouth}) yet they were chosen. Jesus was not choosing the disciples because he needed crowd but he saw men who had the tendency to walk into transformation. Your leadership experience is not a co-incidence; it is an avenue for transformation.
-         ‘The best songs are yet to be sung; the best stories are yet to be written’. No matter the greatness anyone has achieved in the kingdom, you can meet them and beat them.
-         God is not interested in the ‘use and drop principle’. He doesn’t use you and abandon you later. The only hindrance to your continuous usage by God Is You.
-         Ability to guide, influence and motivate.
-         Leadership and personal growth: two things can happen to a leader or a leadership committee: Preparation and Repair. Preparing is investing while repairing is spending. Preparing allows you to focus on today while repairing focuses on yesterday. (Apostle Paul said one thing is needed, I lay aside all that is behind and press forward). Preparation breeds efficiency but repair involves time consumption. Preparation involves confidence while repair breeds discouragement. Preparation saves money, while repair wastes money.
-         INTEGRITY.
-         VISION.
-         COMMUNICATION: Giving and receiving of information. Assumption should never be allowed. Communication must be intact. You will never get your members to do what you will not do.
-         Relationship skill: You must understand how to ‘unlock’ people not to take advantage of them but to develop them. You must understand how to push people to greatness and to achieve a desired result.
{Types of People: Wheelbarrow-hardworking people that can work but require a Push.
Clock: Very hardworking people but require serious motivation. Kite: People that can multi-function but require constant caution}.
-         Persuasion: A good leader should be able to persuade people. ‘What you have, you have but what you don’t have, you can acquire.’ Proper Planning is required for future development.
-         Adaptability: you must be able to adapt to situation and environment.
-         Teamwork: Genesis 1 ‘Let US make man in our own image’ and also ‘come let us reason together’. A man that writes his recommendation by himself is a walking corpse.
-          Reproduction.
-         Decision making and planning: ability to plan ahead. Every assignment given to you is a trust. There are greater things to come. While God trusts you and you’re still failing, God will be busy preparing others under you. When trust goes out, Blessings also disappear {King Hezekiah’s prayer for longer life based on the work he had done for God}.
-         Submission: Jesus operated as the ‘Lion and the Lamb’. This tells us to be tough (in actual sense ‘Principled’) yet friendly and accommodating. Friendship and Respect (however, respect is earned).

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