How To Remember What You Read As A student

How To Remember What You Read as a student – well, it’s no new thing or bad thing as students often forget what they read few minutes they left the book. The truth is it’s normal and that’s because you’ve not gotten your system of reading.
Yes! The only thing that’ll make you forget what you read almost immediately you read is because you are either using the wrong system of reading or you need to discover your own system of reading.
Well, in this post, we’ll discuss on how to remember what you read as a student and adapt to a system of reading easily.
How to remember what you read


In case you don’t know, they are actually differences between Reading and Studying and the funny aspect is that most students mix it up. And that’s the purpose of this article. To make us know when to read and when we’re to study.
What is reading? 
Reading is defined in a literal sense as the process of recognizing a written text or symbol to audience to extract meaning from it. 
This is what most students do in place of study, although they might not be reading out loud to audience but one way or the other they are reading.
This will be explained as well after we define what it means to study also;
What is Studying? 
Studying is a set aside activity which involves devotion, time and energy that is dedicated to understand something.
Now, I hope we’re getting to know what am talking about little by little.
Well, in a rephrase, Reading is phrasing through  a text to extract meaning while studying involves dedication of time, devotion and energy to understand something.
You will agree with me that this has almost if not in full explained all about Reading and Studying as a whole.


Studying will always become interesting only when you get your own system. Main reason while students get bored while studying remains that they haven’t discovered their personal study trick.
I’ll just list few of the studying tricks I know and have proven to work, although you may need to research on your self if these don’t work for you.
  • Jot while studying 
  • walk before studying 
  • Move away from noice and disturbance 
  • Create yourself mental association 
  • Reward yourself for a treat
  • Study with diagram and sketches
these are few tricks that works ,you may read more of posts like this on


In conclusion to everything said above, I expect that students should always study and not read.
Reading at that point may seems that you’re understanding but I tell you that only about 10% may still remain in the brain unlike when studying.

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