A Speech By A Primary 4 year Pupil (Wonderful)

  A valedictory speech delivered by Akingba Precious on the occasion of 5th grauation and prize giving ceremony of Johnfort schools Ijegun, Lagos.

                           The director of johnfort school, the chairman of the occasion, the guest honour, the honourable guest speaker other distinguished member of the high table, our dear parents, my colleague, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. I feel highly honoured and privileged to address this august gathering. On behalf of the outgoing year five pupils. I welcome you all to this special occasion. There is no doubt that today is very special to us  as it signifies the end of our primary school education in Johnfort school. It seems like yesterday that we came into this great school as children but here we are today graduating as well – cultured boys and girls.
                         The journey of primary school education has come to an end. Johnfort school in no doubt has impacted a lot on us, she has transformed us into what we are today. Here we were taught to cherish the truth, we received kind words of advice support and encouragement all to make sure we came out  successful. There are no words however pronounced or expressed can show our sincere gratitude to Johnfort school for the  overwhelming nurturing she gave to us. Secondly I thank my parents Mr and Mrs Akingba for giving me the opportunity to be in Johnfort school and at whose expense, I am being brought up morally, socially, educationally and financially supported. I pray that God will spare and keep them alive to see me successful. The administrator, Mrs Ajiboye, my colleagues and I consider your administration a wonderful one. You have given Johnfort school the best in terms of infrastructure and academics. I therefore regard your tenure as a period of lofty achievements. May god reward you abundantly and continue to see you through so as to achieve more.
                         I am very pleased to salute the Director of the school Mr Ajiboye for his commitment and concern for the school. Sir, I salute your efforts in making everyone do what is right. Your never ending desire of making us do the right thing at the right time through your excellent , clearly exemplified by your impressive appearance, selfless service, fairness, justice and above all fear of God makes us who we are today. May god continue to bless you and your family. My special gratitude goes to all the members of staff in general and teaching staff in particular who without them we would not have been able to be here. They have sacrificed a lot by teaching us with dedication despite inconveniences faced. Let me use this opportunity to thank all those who stood by me during my stay in Johnfort school special thanks to Mr Ayinla Olamide for his fatherly love and care towards us . we love you so dearly. We extend our appreciation to other teaching and non- teaching staff of Johnfort school. May God reward your labour of love over us.
                               Distinguished Johnfort boys and girls, I advise you to carry what we have learnt in Johnfort school along with you. As we move into the outer world let us strive hard to forge ahead of others and ensure that our commitment to show the society we have attended Johnfort school remain focused. We shall all get to the zenith by God’s grace. May God crown our efforts with success. On behalf of the graduands I thank all the parents here for giving us the opportunity to attend Johnfort school. Also I thank the invited guest for finding time to grace this wonderful occasion. As we depart, I pray that we reach our destinations safely. Once again, I thank Johnfort school for all she has done for us. I pray that she remains the first, the best and the leading school in Nigeria and around the globe . Thank you and God bless you all for your audience.

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