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Arsenal Trending Today: Injury Updates, all transfer round-up and additional news

Today is going to be a delightful news round-up because there’s very little to bite into as we pull away from this drab international break.

First up, England haven’t been beaten in qualifiers since 2009. That’s despite us having one of the most embarrassing teams in Europe. I really don’t understand why clubs don’t pull the governing bodies to one side and ask them to address this ridiculous song and dance their players have to adhere to during the season. They have all the power, they know it as well… I hear through the grapevine the major CEOs still meet in private in London hotels to discuss taking over the world. Maybe someone could slip my agenda in there… slip a not in the toast rack or something?

Anyway, the qualifiers are next to worthless. The games are of a poor standard. It doesn’t factor in the outrageous workload the players take on in their paid jobs. It’s just a farce. Even the tournaments are dull these days. The quality of football just isn’t there bar a couple of sides…

Even the might Theo can’t be arsed to up his game. Am I right? Yeah, I’m right. That’s why he didn’t play well.

Mesut Ozil had the cheek to look like he’d picked up and injury, BUT FEAR NOT, he’s actually in fine fettle. UNLESS HE IS LYING.

“Thanks for taking care because of my substitution but everything is all right guys,” < Said his Twitter account.


Talking of Mesut, he reckons Iwobi is the blend of Edgar Davids and Jay Jay Okocha. Hmmm?

“Alex reminds me of a mixture of him and Edgar Davids. He’s really strong on the ball, also defensively, but he’s good in front of goal too.

“He’s developing really well and if he continues the way he’s been playing for the whole season, he will enhance his game.

Do what Mesut? Edgar Davids? Did you run out of black players to compare him against? Just call a black guy a white guy… it’s fine. He is a cross breed of Alex Hleb and Tomas Rosicky… but maybe, just maybe, a bit of Bobby Pires from a finishing perspective. Yet to happen, but I feel he has it in him to be that prolific at one point. I love his delicate touch, the way the ball sticks to both feet, the deft movement on and off the ball and the sheer confidence he has at such a young age. I hope he’s given that contract he deserves… a real superstar in the making.

Some cheeky rumours are floating around that Santi Cazorla is talking to Juventus… I have 100% faith that these are just games to wrangle a better contract with Arsenal. Arguably… or not so arguably, he’s been one of our most consistent performers of the last however many years he’s been with us. He’s hitting the final stretch of his career… and Juve are not afraid to bite on older players (Danny Alves), so it’s realistic he might head there if he doesn’t earn what he needs. My concern is less about his contract, more about who we see as the successor? Do we buy in? Have we already bought in? Is there a youth product?

Talk about the perfect segue into the next comment… we’re chasing some WUNDERKID called Matt O’Reilly. He’s ripping it up for the cottagers. Incidentally, I know someone who works in their marketing department… rough job, right? How do you polish that?


‘No John, no’


‘No John, not really’


‘Well done, now go out and mow the grass’

Anyway, good we’re stocking up on the local boys and good to read that the wunderkids these days are from England ENGLAND SHUT UP YOU MUG ENGLAND. You can read more and see the video here.

Also not mentioned in the news this week, but flagged to me by Doug, is that two Arsenal greats recently passed away. Mel Charles was transferred to Arsenal for £42,750 in 1959 after we beat off competition from Spurs and Chelsea (GET IN). He scored 26 goals in 60 games. David Herd was bought for £10k in 1954. Pretty sweet return on the goal front, he was our top scorer for 4 seasons running, banging in 97 goals in 166 appearances. What a POWERHOUSE. Thoughts are with their families, big shout out from the Gooner faithful young and old.

How about a bit of a plug now because I support small businesses and DO NOT ask for a penny. My man Luke over at Art of Football has some new designs in, so if you, like me, have a parent who likes to wear replica shirts… don’t lambast them on your blog, instead, educate them… lead them to the light with stylish attire created in tandem with local artistic talent. They also do lovely prints as well.

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